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Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug

Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug

Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug   Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug
This listing is for one Violet Ray Light Therapy/Electrotherapy Wand device with 7 argon-gas filled electrodes inside a kit/box. This is a solid state technology device with an adjustable intensity dial on the on/off switch. There is a 110v plug for US and a 220v EU plug for international. Please message me if you need a 220v wand. Violet Ray Wand that is very quiet and has a laser feel to it. It enables you to work in a very focused way by listening to the sounds of the purple plasma purifying and repairing your body. Electrodes are named according to their shape & application. Light Saber -Straight rod that can be used internally. On the skin surface, it can be usedon tip or on the side, depending on the need. It can be inserted into the mouthalong the gum line avoiding contact with the teeth. Comb - The combhas come in the kits since the original vintage days. The device is FDAapproved for restoring hair growth. It also can add shine to the hair but itcan also make the air "fly away". It is the scalp that needs to be stimulatedfor hair growth. I like to use the Light Saber on the scalp instead.

It doesnot get tangled in the hair and pulled out of the unit. The comb is better usedon the skin or for holding in the hand for energy, in my opinion.

Ball-PointSparker - This is the smallest surface electrode with the same amount ofelectricity flowing, it feels much stronger and is the easiest to create sparkswith. Contain UV which normally is insulated by theglass on the skin. UV can be useful for sterilizing wounds, killing fungus, andstimulating "numb" areas but it can also burn. Use sparks sparingly but do notfear them. (Fulguration) also create more ozone which isalso useful for sterilization and killing microbes. This electrode canbe used inside the ear but be careful of sparking in the ear canal-a lowsetting is good but find a sweet spot. MushroomElectrode - The mushroom has a round, flat face and is the largest surfaceelectrode on the skin making it the most gentle. This is useful for facials orsensitive skin or people who are very sensitive to the energy. This electrodecan be used on the eyelids with lids closed. Y-shapedNeck/Throat Electrode - This electrode was common in the vintage kits. It isuseful for the neck area including the glands. It can be used on any curvedarea like arm or leg. It can also be used on tip for a stronger current so itis very flexible. This electrode can be used with tips on each eye forstimulating the corpus callosum area and Pineal gland. Possible PhaseConjugation tool (see below). Roller Electrode- The Roller is based on a vintage applicator.

When using your roller be carefulnot to apply too much pressure as it can easily be broken where the plexiglasspieces are joined. It does produce a small spark between the stem and theroller. Be sure to hold the roller up at an angle to avoid getting "sparked"and also avoid touching the metal in the same area during use. The metalconducts the electricity without the insulation of the glass. You can put tapearound the metal to protect yourself from coming into contact with it.

Spoon Electrode - The spoon isalmond-shaped. It has a broad/flat component and also a point.

I find it usefulfor many applications including facials where the tip can be used forblemishes, brown spots, etc. The Violet Ray was originally developed by the famous scientist Nikola Tesla.

Tesla was successfully experimenting on disease and rejuvenation with ozone in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In the 20s and 30s, his "Oxygen-Zone" Therapy was used in hospitals, clinics and sanitariums as THE antibiotic. In the second half of the 20th century, pharmaceutical companies started disparaging all electro-therapies as drug-oriented synthetic petroleum-based medicine was taking off under the Flexner Report which banned everything from being taught in Medical Schools besides deadly allopathy`. Tesla had a hunch that, since his high-potential currents could be passed into the body harmlessly: these currents might lend themselves to electro-therapeutic uses. When Tesla was struck down in the streets by a.

Taxi, he didn't deliver himself over to the medicals but dragged himself up to his hotel room where, in seclusion and with the help of his own electrotherapy, he recovered from his fractures and contusions. He never patented in electrotherapy but in 1891 began publishing his observations in technical journals, and seven years later we find Tesla giving a speech to the American Electro-Therapeutic Association in which he details with drawings the Violet Ray apparatus he has invented for this purpose, which included a Tesla coil. The Violet Ray was ultimately banned by a fake doctor commissioned by the Rockefellers & Carnegies named Abraham Flexner. In his Flexner Report of 1910, the stage was set for pharmaceuticals & allopathy with many alternative healing modalities deemed "Quack" thus removing AMA certification from schools who taught these therapies & destroying the doctors who used them. Is the only country in the world where Ozone Therapy and Electrotherapy are "banned".

There is a screening for the device since it is not for everyone. Please review the screening and see if it might be right for you... I believe that the ingredients are SO TOXIC it could result in. Which is your body rejecting the POISON. CLIENT SCREENING & ORIENTATION VIOLET RAY MINISTRIES.

Do you have any metal plates or pins? Wand may cause tingling around the metal. Titanium is a very poor conductor of electricity and heat so titanium should not be a problem. Any metal jewelry that cannot be removed? The wand should not directly contact the metal.

Are you taking any prescription or synthetic drugs on an ongoing basis or have you had Botox? The frequencies will remove toxins from the body, over time--this includes pharmaceuticals & Botox. If you are taking medication for something it will remove it from your body and your symptoms could return so use caution & do not overuse this device if you are on a medication.

Do not use this device if your life depends on your meds. In addition, the wand can cause serious detox symptoms! Natural Medical Marijuana is not a problem because it is not toxic. For more info on Detox/Herxheimer. How often do you smoke cigarettes?

Smokers may experience coughing after inhaling ozone due to detox. How often do you eat junk food or fast food? The best results come if you are eating a clean diet and doing your part, otherwise, you may suffer from detox sickness aka Herzheimer Reponse.

Do you ever do internal cleansing? Those who do cleansing will experience less detox symptoms.

Do you monitor your pH? What do the test results show? Balanced pH conducts electricity better. How often do you consume alcoholic beverages of any kind?

The Violet Ray is not safe to use with alcohol in the blood due to potentially fatal complications that I don't fully understand. After 1 drink, wait 12 hours. After 2 drinks, wait 24 hours. Over 2 drinks, wait 48 hours. Alcohol is to be avoided when using this product. Edgar Cayce stated, Do not use [Alcohol] in the system during the treatments... With the Violet Ray - for these are detrimental, and would burn tissue, with this in system.

Even inhaling the brandy fumes from a Charred Oak Keg might cause irritations to the body if used in conjunction with the Violet Ray. Do you have any type of implant, hearing aid, or pacemaker or insulin pump that cannot be turned off? This device can interfere with these implants as well as other electronics in the room and damage them. It interferes with PACEMAKERS, hearing implants, VNS implants. It is not tested with breast implants.

Too risky for pregnant women--UNTESTED. Do you have any mercury fillings?

(If so, you will definitely need to take Zeolites because this will cause the mercury to be released into your system). If you think you may have a build-up of any sort of toxin, please order Zeolites.

Taking Zeolites helps decrease detox symptoms when you begin Violet Ray therapy. Do you have a fear of electricity or extreme electro-sensitivity? His device may not be for you. Are you currently experiencing any pain or other complaints?

For how long have you experienced the issue/s? Where did you hear about the Violet Ray and Zero Point Zap? This helps me reach the right people. The wand does create certain sensations in the body you may want to be aware of as well as creates.

You may feel referred twitches and other sensations as the energy removes blockages. Some areas of the skin are more sensitive than others and you may feel a sort of stinging.

Usually, the area that needs it the most, stings the most, ironically. In some instances, when the energy blockage is being removed, you may feel some slight pain in that nerve that will slowly subside as the blockage is removed.

The dial can be adjusted for a lower setting in these cases, if needed. Occasionally, you may feel a spark or zap from the wand. Just relax, breath, and allow your aura to drink in the prana. After a treatment, you may experience some redness and/or itching as toxins are released through the skin. You may also feel soreness in areas as tension releases from the myofacia and muscles rearrange themselves into their proper position.

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  1. Brand: Zero Point Zap
  2. Main Purpose: Aches & Pains, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Immune Support, Mental Health, Mood Support, Post-Workout Recovery
  3. Type: Light Relief Therapy
  4. Department: Unisex
  5. Power Source: Power Adapter
  6. Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  7. Color: Purple
  8. Model: Solid State
  9. Body Area: Face, Foot, Hand, Head, Skin
  10. Features: Adjustable, Dimmable, Transportable, Portable, Practical to Use

Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug   Violet Ray Portable Light Therapy PEMF Wand 110V US Plug